IF YOU would like your child to study in the UK, you have the following options: in order to attend state schools you need to have a British or other European Union passport. Otherwise you can choose one of the private schools, which can be categorised by:


  • For boys only
  • For girls only
  • Mixed
  • Predominantly for boys with girls in the 6th Form
  • Boys and girls in one school but in single sex classes until 6th Form and then mixed (16-18 years old)


  • Purely academic
  • With a strong focus on sport(s)
  • With a musical bias
  • For children with learning difficulties etc.

Type of attendance:

  • Daily
  • Weekly boarding (weekends at home)
  • Flexible boarding (sleep over when needed)
  • Full boarding (live and study at school full time with exeat weekend roughly every 3 weeks, student stays with guardian or parent)


  • Anglican
  • Catholic
  • Jewish
  • Non-denominational etc.

It is worth knowing that children of different faiths are on the whole welcome at all of the above.


Most of the oldest and most traditional schools are in the Greater London area and the Home Counties but in every county there are excellent schools with great reputations and followings.


Like in football, schools in the UK can be divided into leagues: première, first, second, third etc. according to many objective and subjective factors like age and prestige, quality of learning, choice of subjects, sport and musical facilities, famous graduates, annual position in league tables etc.


The prices do not vary as much as the quality and the most expensive school will not necessarily be the best.

Summer language schools and sports camps as well as English language courses for adults are available in many counties, but the most popular ones are in London and within a 2 hour radius around it: Oxford, Cambridge, Windsor are very popular due to their famous universities, castles and other historical sights, equally matched by a thriving cultural life. We shall be happy to advise you on all of these superb options.