Primary Schools (2.5-5/7 years old)

Your child can go to these schools from the age of two and a half. Usually the mother (or any other member of your family) can start bringing your child to school for a couple of hours a day(play groups) and this time increases in line with the age of your child. We can advise you on these types of schools, do all the paperwork for you and if needed we can assist with choosing appropriate housing to rent or to buy in the area of the school.

Preparatory Schools (5-11 for girls, 7-13 for boys or mixed)

Usually you can send your child unaccompanied for full boarding in the UK from the age of 7. They will live and study here for a full year (three trimesters), which breaks down as following: 7 months of schooling and 5 months of holidays: 1 month for Christmas, 1 month for Easter, 2 months for summer holidays and one week off in each term as intermediate breaks. You can fly your child home for longer holidays and send them to a guardian for shorter breaks. We can show you the best of these schools and do all the paperwork for your child as well as helping you with visas.

Secondary Schools (11-18 for girls, 13-18 for boys or mixed)

Depending on the result of the preparatory school education you can attempt to enter the most prestigious schools (Eton College, Harrow, Wycombe Abbey, Westminster, etc.) All of them have a “waiting list” and places are allocated about 3 years in advance. You will need to register your child beforehand (e.g. Eton College before you son is 10.6 years old). The competition to get in is very high but if your child works well everything is possible and there is no harm in trying. We shall be glad to show you these schools and explain you all the details of the entry procedure.

Sixth Form A- level or Pre-U (16-18)

After GCSE examinations at the age of 16, students choose 3/4/5 subjects for specialisation (A-level or Pre-U) and after two years of study pass their examinations. According to the results of these examinations students are admitted to university: the higher the grades the better university they can approach. The British universities do not have separate entry examinations, apart from special interviews to Oxford and Cambridge. We shall be happy to provide you with further details on higher education in the UK.

International Baccalaureate (IB) (16-18)

Instead of traditional in the UK A-levels, some schools offer IB programme. The difference being that the final grades of the IB is accepted not only in all British universities, but also all over the world. We shall be delighted to advise you on this system and schools that offer it.

Universities (18-21-Bachelor of Arts, 22-Master of Arts, 25-Ph.D, 35-Professor)

We have information about all British universities and individual departments and are in position to help you make an educated choice.

Summer English language camps and sport indoor/outdoor activities programmes for children (8-17)

Residential summer camps take place in July-August. You can send your child for a period from 1 to 6 weeks. A full package will include: meeting and departure at the airport, full board, and accommodation in very comfortable boarding schools and camps, daily lessons of English with sport, cultural and social programmes in the afternoons under supervision of experienced teachers. The most popular centres (we have a wide choice from London to Edinburgh) are in great demand and we advise you to apply in early May in order to avoid disappointment.

English language in families for children and adults

This programme is open all year round. We can select an excellent host family and a school for you. There is an option to stay in a hotel of your choice.

Specialised English language in groups or one-to-one

This programme is also operational throughout the year. Here we can offer you well-established schools with good reputation and experienced teachers, lessons are in small groups or one-to-one with a native qualified teacher. You can choose:

  • Practically any linguistic specialisation
  • The intensity of the lessons
  • Board with a family or in a hotel
  • Location (Oxford, Cambridge, Windsor)
  • A cultural programme

Finally if you have any questions or special requests, we shall be glad to assist you. The earlier you ask, the more chances we shall have to offer you the best of British.

We look forward to hearing from you!