For more than 25 years, the British educational consultancy PRINCE has been providing a comprehensive package of educational services for parents who want to educate their children at the best British private schools.


  • Consultations on the leading private schools and colleges in the UK
  • Individual recommendation of a suitable school for your child
  • Testing and preparation for school interviews
  • Organising school visits and providing interpreting service
  • Provision of highly qualified and experienced tutors for any subject and level from preparatory school to University
  • Provision of guardians
  • Consultations on British and American Universities and help with applications and preparation for entry examinations
  • Advisory service for career path
  • Help with school invitations for student’s visa for children and parents
  • Financial planning for the whole period of study
  • Summer language courses for children
  • Summer sports camps with specialised courses in football, tennis, art
  • English language courses for adults and children (all year round)
  • Airport transfers, booking of hotels and tickets for cultural outings
  • Provision of educated native speakers to accompany you to sporting and cultural venues
  • Recommendation of leading solicitors, lawyers, financial advisors, real estate agents, guides and interpreters